Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Plant Based Diets, Why? How? Who? Where Did I Come Up With This Crazy Idea?

I think down deep most of us know how to eat well and understand the concept of a well balanced diet.  We We just believe we don't have time to do it or more than likely don't think that we need to.  My situation was probably different than a lot of yours; however, we all run the risk of winding up in the same boat some day.

There were three people who really helped inspire me to develop new eating and lifestyle habits.  First, was Dr. Tan of Kaiser who basically introduced me to Plant Based Diets.  Then there was Dr. Eric Custode, my Chiropractor at Raincross Chiropractic and Wellness Center, who, while helping me work through a shoulder injury, introduced me to new concepts in diet and fitness.  Finally, there was Melisa who I honestly couldn't have done this without.  She adopted the same dietary lifestyle and me and has been my coach throughout all of this.

So where what did I get all of my information?  Well, first as I mentioned before I was introduced to Forks over Knives by Dr. Tan.  While the book, available on Amazon, has a lot of good data you really need should watch the movie first.  It provides a lot of detail and really helps people understand how a plant based diet benefits you.  Best of all, you can watch the video for free on Netflix if you have a membership.

There are recipes and diet plans available on their website and their facebook page.

Next, I looked into the science behind it all by reading The China Study - Described by the New York Times as "The Grand Prix of epidemiology."  This book examined more than 350 variables of health and nutrition with surveys from 6,500 adults in more than 2,500 counties across China and Taiwan.  It determined conclusively that there is a direct link between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Next, I checked out both the video and Book of the Engine 2 Diet.  Developed by an Austin, Tx firefighter and former triathlete who shares a diet he created for fellow firefighters to help them lose weight and lower their cholesterol levels.  

There were a few other videos I watched and numerous articles I read; but those are the best for starting the program. 

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